Diet Pills – weight loss myths

It seems like everybody is now trying to get a piece of the weight loss market pie. After all, it is a multi million dollar industry. And with the good obviously comes the bad. We found a few common weight loss myths that may actually hinder your short and long term goals.

1. If I eat very few calories, I will lose tons of weight!

This philosophy does not work, because when your body does not get enough calories, it goes into what’s called starvation mode. It believes that it is starving, so it holds onto every last calorie and bit of fat it possibly can, storing it and significantly slowing your metabolism. This often happens to those suffering from anorexia nervosa. In extreme cases, there have been reports of individuals eating one small candy bar all day and actually gaining 1-2 pounds.

2. If I use a super strict diet, I’m sure to have better results than Jane up the street

When you use too strict of a diet, your body actually gets used to it and expects only that many calories, that kind of intake, etc. Eventually, you reach a plateau, where you stop losing weight. It seems like you’re exercising more, eating less, and you have a harder time than ever. And eventually, you will quit, because for most, it is just too hard.

3. I should completely cut out all my favorite foods:

There is a reason why most popular diet programs include what’s called a “cheat day.” It allows you to eat whatever you want for one day a week. Your favorite foods are not always bad, and if you try to cut them out all together, you lose a lot of the motivation for staying on the diet. You are also more prone to binge on that one food you are depriving yourself of, doing far more damage than you would eating moderate amounts of that once a week.

4. I can’t eat after 5:00 at night!

Of course, it will help if you don’t eat a midnight snack every night. After all, how much time does your body then have to burn off those calories? But if your body is extremely hungry, it will keep you up at night, which can actually lead to obesity in itself. The difference between many overweight and healthy weight individuals is just one hour’s sleep.

5. There’s no such thing as snacks for me

Snacks are actually great. Many body builders and other athletes actually eat 6 small meals per day, which would probably be equal to a snack for most of us. It allows your body to stay satisfied all of the time, while constantly burning off excess calories. So in the end, you are less prone to overeat or binge.

6. No fat allowed

Yes, that big slab of fat on your steak is probably not the best thing to eat. But you cannot cut fat completely out of your diet. It is not reasonable, or for that matter possible, and your body actually needs what are called healthy fats to burn any fat at all. Examples of these healthy fats include omega 3, omega 6, and omega 9.

7. I should skip breakfast and other meals to lose more weight:

You’ve probably heard it before. But breakfast is the most important meal of your day. It gets your metabolism going, and meals throughout the day keep your blood sugar regulated. If you skip a meal, not only will it slow your metabolism. You will be prone to eat a significant amount more at the meal you do eat.

8. No milk allowed!

As the milk commercials suggest, a moderate amount of dairy is actually key to your body’s fat burning abilities. If you don’t drink too much, dairy can actually help you to lose more weight than diet and exercise alone.

9. It’s all personal choice, and it’s your own fault if you fail

I don’t want to take all the responsibility off the individual. There are a lot of things we can control. But there are other factors such as stress, culture, genetics, health issues such as a thyroid disorder, etc. that can negatively impact our efforts. However, certain prescriptions can be used as well as natural diet pills to aid us in our weaknesses.

10. If I drink tons of water, I am sure to lose weight

It’s true, water does work as a natural appetite suppressant, and the majority of our body mass is made up of water. And when you cut out sodas and high calorie juices in favor of water, you are likely to lose weight. But drinking water in itself will not automatically produce results.


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