Diet Tips – How to Burn Those Calories Faster

It’s one of the best feelings in the world when your bathroom scales show a significant reduction in their numbers, when you’re able to button your favorite pair of jeans without having to suck in your stomach, and when you don’t have fleshy masses flowing out of your pants at your hips and abdomen. Yes, it’s wonderful to lose weight, and the faster you do it, the more satisfied and elated you are with the results. Everyone exercises, but some people seem to drop those extra pounds pretty fast. If you want to know the secret behind this miracle, keep reading:
Focus on weight bearing exercises: An hour of jogging burns more calories than an hour of cycling, because the former is a weight-bearing exercise while the latter is a weight supporting workout. When you focus on exercises where your limbs are working against gravity, you tend to lose weight much faster. So instead of cycling for an hour, jog for 15 minutes and cycle for the remaining 45 minutes. If you find it hard to jog, walk briskly for a longer period of time.
Interval training helps: Instead of walking for an hour, intersperse walking and running in those 60 minutes. Walk for 10 minutes and jog for the next three; repeat this cycle till your hour is up. You fool your body into losing weight really fast. The thing about interval training is that it’s pretty easy because you’re stretching yourself to the limit only for a short period of time. You have enough time to catch your breath before you start on the next round of jogging. As you become fitter, you could increase the length of your jogs and reduce that of your walks.
Choose an activity that you enjoy: Exercising must be fun and enjoyable for you to stick to it over a long term period. While your initial goal is to lose weight, you cannot stop exercising once you’ve reached your target because if you do, you’re going to go back to square one. Your main goal should be that of fitness, something that is a lifelong process. When you’re fit, you become more efficient at the exercise and can keep at it for longer periods of time. And in order to stay with your fitness routine, you need to choose to do something you love. So if you enjoy a game of tennis, make it a regular thing. If you love to walk, pick that as your route to fitness.
Strength training helps: Besides focusing on cardio exercises, you need to devote some attention to strengthening your muscles. When you build muscle mass, you burn calories faster when you exercise. In fact, the more muscles you have, the more calories you burn even when you’re sedentary.
Weight loss does not happen overnight: it’s a slow and steady process that needs you to stay focused and determined. Don’t worry if everyone else is losing weight and you’re not. Stick to these tips and watch what you eat and you’ll find yourself going down the weight loss road soon enough.


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