Diet Pills – Injurious and unhealthy techniques to lose weight

Losing extra fat from your body and maintaining a slim and healthy body is not an easy task. It requires a rigorous effort and a lot of time to lose weight. In market there are several sorts of products available to reduce fat in a short period of time span. These types of products are nothing but an unhealthy ways to lose weight. In fact with the help of such efforts you would gain more weight.
According to American College of sports Medicine, if you follow a healthy way to lose weight then you can lose only 1-2 pounds in a week. Generally people don’t want to wait for 10-20 weeks to lose around 20 pounds so they opt weight loss techniques that are fast, less time consuming and simple but they are unhealthy habits to lose weight. You would notice that unhealthy ways to lose fat are frequently based on the misinformation like nutrition myths.

Usually it’s observed that people suddenly slash down calorie items from their food, or they begin taking diet pills or they join a health fitness center to achieve an instantaneous weight loss. These routine may result in fast weight loss but it can also effect in muscle lose and other health related problems. So you should prefer the healthy method, which doesn’t damage your body. Always try to avoid and never try to compel changes in huge amount to your body or it may result with a lot of health problems.

The harmful and unhealthy ways to lose weight that you should avoid are:

Starvation: The first thing you should be aware of is that starvation is not a fasting. Controlled fasting can help in cleansing and detoxifying the body. A controlled fast is for some time duration, after that an individual takes a normal eating routine. While fasting a person follow a particular diet plan without any physical work. If a person follows starvation, the body becomes undernourished and doesn’t get sufficient calories to function properly. And starving people regain weight when they come back to their usual old routine.
Drugs: The diet drugs are very harmful and unhealthy if you intake them without doctor’s prescription. All drugs that have been used for the reason of unhealthy weight loss have diverse sound effects in the body. Weight loss for illicit drugs is a side effect that comes beside with the other negative effects of the drugs.
Laxatives: These are foods, drugs or additions that encourage bowel movements or release the stool. It’s available in pills and teas forms. The only fat loss from laxatives is water weight. The improper use may lead to problems such as dehydration and hemorrhoids.
Smoking: Smoking results in increase in metabolic rate and suppresses the desire for food. The dangers of being overweight or obese do not contrast to the hazards of chronically smoking. Smoking cause lung cancer and it has negative effects on the body.


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