Diet Tips – Is Dark Chocolate Good for You

Is dark chocolate really good for you? The current medical research seems to indicate that there are some good things in dark chocolate. Dark chocolate does not contain as much sugar as milk chocolate so in addition to having some cardiovascular benefits it is not as bad for your teeth as other chocolate candy.
The secret ingredient in dark chocolate is the flavonoids which are type of antioxidant. Antioxidants keep the body from aging caused by free radicals which can cause damage to your body. If you can prevent free radicals from being created you can retard the aging process. In terms of antioxidants dark chocolate is a sort of super hero with super powers. It contains a significant number of antioxidants (nearly 8 times the number found in strawberries).
A study taking place in Switzerland with cardiac patients aged 45 to 70 showed that consuming chocolate reduced their probability for getting a cardiac disease. The researchers selected patient over a two year period and studied them for 10 years. Consuming a few ounces of chocolate twice a week had the greatest disease reducing effect. Benefits were still found even if you only consumed chocolate once a month.
Not only does dark chocolate effect your cardiovascular but it also help keep your brain power. Though eating dark chocolate may not make you smarter it keeps your brain from aging and losing its processing ability. The key to brain function is the amount of blood that flows through the blood vessels. When the flow of blood is restricted to the brain, brain cells begin to die. The flavonoids in dark chocolate keep the blood vessels open and flexible so blood can flow.
Besides having less sugar and at lease some “good” fats dark chocolate has some other advantages. Though most people are familiar with endorphins produced by exercise you can get endorphins from consuming dark chocolate. Endorphins are a natural to bring on a happy feeling. Natural anti-depressants called serotonin are also hiding there is your dark chocolate bar. Serotonin seems to help keep our moods under control by helping with sleep, calming anxiety, and relieving depression
Many people feel that the high fat content of chocolate cancels the benefits but not all the fat is chocolate is bad. Part of the fat in dark chocolate is classified as stearic acid and though it is a saturated fat studies have shown that is has a neutral effect on blood cholesterol.
The only problem is if you eat too much chocolate. Unfortunately, it is not like celery which makes your burn calories because your body has to work so hard to digest it. You really don’t need more than a few ounces a day of dark chocolate to get all those wonderful benefits. Dark chocolate comes in a variety of percentages of cocoa content. Studies say you should try to eat the 70% or higher chocolate – though you might find the higher percentages to bitter for your taste.
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