Diet Tips – Healthy Snacks and Appetizers

When it comes to snacking, you don’t need to miss out just because you’re eating healthy. Eating all those sugary, fat loaded foods will make you feel awful anyway. Instead, you can enjoy lots of delicious snacks and appetizers that are healthy. Serve some at your next get together and see how fast they get eaten!
One easy option that does your body good is salsa. Make a nice chunky salsa with onions, tomatoes, cilantro, and peaches. It is extremely colorful and easy to make. Serve it up in a bowl with toasted tortillas or chips as a snack. For an appetizer, just put a small spoon of salsa on a chip and set the chip on a platter. Repeat until the platter is full. No one will be able to resist this colorful dish!
If you are talented with your food preparation, make some California rolls. Everyone loves fresh crab. You can pick up nori, the dried seaweed used to roll up the sushi at your local Asian store. This delicious type of sushi is a great snack or even a light lunch. Make some for a party and let your guests ooh and ahh over your culinary skills.
Bruschetta is a great light snack. Toast a few slices of French bread until they are brown. Top it off with some chopped tomatoes and herbs. Melt a little cheese on it if you wish. This will get rid of the munchies! You can also make up a bunch and serve them at a party or gathering as an appetizer. The same goes for a healthy pizza recipe. Cook one up for a light meal or snack. For easy appetizers, just cut the pizza into bite size pieces and serve.
If salad is a favorite, this is an easy one. Make up a healthy green salad with all the fixings. Chop everything so they are in small, easy bites. Toss it with your favorite dressing. Sit down and have your snack or meal! If you need some fast appetizers, just take several whole lettuce leaves. Spoon some salad onto each one and roll it up. Salad roll ups! Fasten it with a fancy toothpick and you are ready for the party! It’s even a nice healthy dish!
Finger foods make terrific snacks. Think what you can do with a simple can of olives, some cheese and some tomatoes. Arrange some of each on a plate for a simple, healthy snack. Add a few crackers if you wish for the cheese. For a quick appetizer, get some skewers and slide on an olive, some cheese and a cherry tomato. It’s the perfect appetizer… it’s food on a stick! It’s portable! Everyone will love these quick little kebabs.
When you’re planning your Easter appetizers you can do the same thing. Appetizers don’t have to be spendy. They don’t have to be full of fat and sugar. You can easily put together some appetizers that look great and taste wonderful. Give your diners a healthy appetizer to whet their appetite with. These quick and easy appetizers are much faster to prepare for parties you are invited to as well. Spread good health.
Lots of these snacks and appetizers are easy and take only minutes to make. This causes you less stress on days when you are already running late, but they let you eat the nutrients you need in a snack that tastes great. Try some and you’ll find it is easy to change any unhealthy eating habits.
Holiday appetizer recipes add some festivity to your table. Use brightly colored foods to make your table inviting. Keep the appetizers simple so you don’t add to your holiday stress. Guests will be eating them while they move about, so choose recipes that can’t be spilled.


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