Diet Pills – Can chewing gum help achieve fast weight loss?

Three recent studies gave us some interesting information to chew on. Can gum chewing really help you achieve fast weight loss? How does that compare to taking diet pills, controlling meal portions, eating a sensible low-fat diet, taking a diet supplement or practicing fitness excercise?
There are some obvious benefits to chewing sugar-free gum such as:
• nice-smelling breath
• it’s a better alternative when you’re craving junk food
• it can become your signal that a meal has ended
• sugar-free gum with chlorophyll can even help fight cavities
A study at Louisiana State University concluded that chewing gum was helpful for appetite control with study participants recording a daily decrease of about 40 calories, and also reporting a reduction in their snack cravings. Another study from the University of Rhode Island determined that gum chewers consumed 68 fewer calories at lunch than non-gum chewers. Research from the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, MN indicated that people who chew sugar-free gum all day can burn off an equivalent of 11 pounds a year.
But chewing gum all day has disadvantages too. Your employer may not want you greeting customers with gum in your mouth. You wouldn’t want to jog, bike ride, or participate in fitness exercise activities where you could risk unintentionally choking on gum. And your jaws might get sore, not to mention your stomach would be churning out acid in response to your excessive saliva production, but not receiving food to digest, possibly leading to ulcers. There are also safety concerns about the artificial sweeteners used in sugar-free gum.
We feel the very best way to attain quick weight loss is to follow a sensible eating program based on wholesome food choices while increasing fitness exercise activity. Some people may find the addition of a diet pill or diet supplement helpful for appetite suppression and metabolic support. Sugar-free chewing gum can have a place in your healthy lifestyle to prevent you from reaching for high-calorie, fat-laden chips or cookies, but we don’t advocate chewing gum as an effective weight loss diet solution.


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