Diet Tips – Don’t Forget to Take Your Diet With You

 One of the toughest parts of a diet is trying to stick with it, let alone trying to stick with it while your at the movies or a friends birthday party. It seems as if peer pressure is one of the strongest enemies to your diet. It really is hard to turn down a chili cheese dog at a game. What are you going to do when you are at the movies and everyone else is eating popcorn? I understand that sometimes that desire is just to strong to try and fight, unless you know some tips to help you out.

An obvious way to keep your diet while your out having fun is to eat or drink something before you leave the house. I would recommend you drink a lot of water, to the point you feel full of h20. I would suggest you stay away from bread as a filler though, as it is high in calories. If anything soup and crackers would be a better alternative to bread. Don’t eat rice either, eat pasta or a salad with little dressing instead. If you find yourself getting hungry while you are out, don’t be afraid to snack on something to hold you over. You don’t want to refrain from eating for too long, or else you may find yourself inhaling a full course meal when you get home.

If you do not think you re capable of following these tips when you’re out with your friends or family, then try eating very little in the days leading up to the event. That way you can indulge while you are out, without paying for it in the long run. If you do decide to indulge, then make sure you don’t eat any fried or fatty foods. Try to stay away from red meats as well, instead you should eat white meats like fish and chicken. If you’re going to eat a dessert then make sure it is a small one, like a single scoop of ice cream or a bowl of fruit.

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