Lessons Learned When I Lost 50lbs

There’s nothing wrong with waking up, and finally realizing that you aren’t content with how things are going with your weight or body image. After all, being within your goal weight will ward off many health issues and, in the long run, will allow you to enjoy life to the fullest.

One thing I must really stress is that you shouldn’t let a bad experience with a weight loss program in the past put you off. Sometimes, we all don’t have the correct mindset needed to achieve our goals, and it’s possible for us to relapse. However, it doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t try again when you are ready. By taking note of the mistakes you made last time, you’ll guarantee better luck and determination the second time round.

Here are 5 lessons that I learned on my journey and I hope that they can help you find success in your weight loss goals.

1. Set small, frequent goals

Saying to yourself that you want to lose 50lbs in the next month won’t get you anywhere. You don’t know whether your weight loss technique is going to be adequate, or how your body will react to your latest regime. Because of this, you should take things day by day, or week by week. This way, as you reach the little targets, you’ll be able to see real progress, and develop your strategy if things aren’t going right. It’s all about remaining motivated and believing in you.

2. Exercise

We’ve heard it a million times, but it’s so true. Starting a good cardio exercise routine and will burn those nasty calories. But don’t forget about weight training. The extra muscle will tone your body, plus muscle burns calories faster than fat, even when you’re sitting down watching TV.

Personally, I find running the most rewarding exercise to burn calories. And since I also love electronics that feed you with data, a few years ago, I bought myself a Garmin Forerunner, which is a GPS system that gives you all kinds of information about your run. But the one feature that I love on my Garmin is where it tells you how many calories you’ve burned. This rewarding feature really proves the payoffs of exercise.

3. Think healthy first and weight loss will follow

Eating less shouldn’t be the approach you pursue to losing weight. Instead, you need to eat healthy. Make sure that the food you are eating gives you all of the vitamins and nutrients needed. Striking the balance between meat or fish, fruit, vegetables and the right fats (which can be healthy too!) ensures that you achieve the ‘balanced diet’ which we always hear about but don’t always understand.

4. Having some moral support along the way can be essential

After a trying day, it’s hard to keep up the willpower, and the temptation to undo all of the hard work invested so far can be overwhelming. This is why you need family and friends by your side to remind you of why you’re making the effort to build a new you, or a support mechanism that includes access to other people who are also losing weight.

5. Love food!

I know that you think that food is what got you overweight in the first place, but food is really exciting. There is so much to discover, with healthy soups and delicious, nutritious snacks for during the day. Have you ever considered broadening your horizons, going to cooking classes, learning more about the foods we eat and how to create wholesome, homemade dishes without just resorting to salty, processed meals and snacks?

If you really listen to and follow these five lessons, you’ll soon be on your way to losing weight and feeling so much better. You can enjoy food, enjoy life, and feel like a million bucks.


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