Diet Tips – Top 7 Excuses To Avoid Diet And Exercise

1. I don’t have time to workout

This is the ultimate excuse. You make time to watch your favorite TV show, go out to that nice restaurant or maybe just McDonalds. You make time for the things you actually want to do. So make time to work out! You’re busy yes. But like I said you make time for the things you want to make time for. You don’ have to go to the gym and spend 2 hours on the cardio machines. Just get a fitness video or a couple weights, take a walk with your dog, it will help and it’s worth it.

2. I have to keep junk food around for my kids/boyfriend/husband/friends

Throw it away. You know they really shouldn’t be eating it either.

3. I’ve tried before and I am incapable

If you fail the first time, try try again. You have failed before either because of the wrong application or the wrong information, most likely a combination of the two. So just because Atkins didn’t work like you thought it would doesn’t mean another diet plan and reasonable exercise plan won’t.

4. I have too many social events! I can’t lose weight there!

Of course you can. Are they really going to take offense or even notice if you don’t eat that extra mini hot dog or other appetizer? Are they really going to care if you don’t partake in several drinks at the open bar? No. Nobody cares, nobody will be offended. Practice self control.

5. I travel a lot.

So you can’t eat healthy and go to a hotel gym while you’re traveling? You can’t walk around the city instead of taking a taxi everywhere you go? Fruits and veggies are available everywhere, soups are available everywhere, healthy foods in general are available everywhere, not just in your home state or city or even in just your house.

6. My friends, it’s peer pressure

Are you your friends? No. You have to communicate with them. Otherwise, how can you really expect them to know that you are dieting, know that you need extra help and support. You have to communicate.

7. I want to rebel against my family nagging me about my weight

If you lose weight, you are not doing it for them. They aren’t going to benefit. People aren’t going to look at them differently when they go out, their health is not going to improve if you lose weight, all of those things are things that you will benefit from. So stop being a rebellious teenager that really just ends up sabotaging themselves.


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